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Sexy Songs [08 Jan 2008|10:04am]
wow i never write on lj anymore. anyway i'm making a mix of "sexy songs" and need some imput. this is what i have so far:

cherry-amy winehouse
dave matthews band-crash into me
etta james- son of a preacher man
george michael-father figure (i feel kinda like a creep for thinking this song is hot)
hawksley workman- striptease
john mayer trio- don't need no doctor
the donnas-too fast for love
tracy chapman-for my lover
corrine bailey rae-i'd like to
leonard cohen- i'm your man
led zepplin- whole lotta love
sam cooke-bring it on home to me

what else should i download? what song do you think is the sexiest thing ever?!


The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa [20 Dec 2007|10:32am]

i wish every christmas song was this great. <3 brandon flowers! <3

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instead of giving you a real post i'll give you this meme [15 Nov 2007|11:10pm]
photo meme
Google image search the answer and post a result from the first page.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

the restCollapse )

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Mika - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) [09 Nov 2007|11:33pm]

aw this song/video makes me smile.


quote of the moment [03 Sep 2007|11:44am]
"great civilizations are built on great soil"-john slack local farmer and geologist


new blog please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [11 Aug 2007|09:33pm]
so i never thought the day id stray from livejournal but ive started a new blog. im going to keep this one for my diary but my new one is just all political/environmental musings. please please read it and comment. i will love you forever if you do!

Salad Days
Salad Days
Salad Days
Salad Days
Salad Days

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Straight Lines - Silverchair [25 Jul 2007|02:29pm]

new silverchair?! AWSOME although daniel and ben have really weird facial hair that makes me uncomfortable...


everdale [16 Jul 2007|09:58pm]
so everdale is pretty much all around awsome. im too exhausted to write spefics and my tent is calling my name but, yes it is wonderful!

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everdale [05 Jul 2007|10:50pm]
tomorrow im off to everdale for 2 months. im equally excitied and terrified. camping for 2 months? am i fucking crazy?! pray for mojo!


canada day [01 Jul 2007|02:07am]
happy canada day bitches. i came across this flyer in the dundas subway station so read and discuss!

canadian apartheid pie

-take one beautiful land of First Nations Peoples
-add european troops and settlers
-beat slowly using a big stick until white
-mix in alcohol and disease
-separate original peoples from land and place on reserves
-reduce at a low cost until barely visable
-back with lots of propaganda for several hundered years or until the colour changes
-remove from debate and sprinkle with new immigrants, foreign aid, and peackeeping to sweeten for presentation
-serves most of the population except original peoples

and just for shits the radical cheerleaders version of o canada (the only one i ever sing)

o canada
our home ON native land
we dont want education
sold to a major brand
we'll learn the history
of mc donals
and how great nike shoes are
and we'll never learn of exploitation
of workers near and far
join us in the streets
fight until we're free
o canada, why did you pepper spray me?
o canada, fuck of and let me be

so here are my thoughts 2 hours into this canada day:
its funny how man made borders can shape the world so radically. lines are drawn on a map and with those lines identies are drawn. us not them. battles are fought for those lines. people live and die for lines. im a candian but what does that really mean? that i like beer and hockey? that im not american? just because i happened to be born within a certian set of lines i have so much privledge. i have free health care and relatively affordable education. i have the right to be critical about my country without being hung for it. my queer friends can express their love through marriage if that is their choice, and speaking of choice canadians women have access to free and safe abortions. of course its not like queer folk and pro-choice women are considered canada's finest...im also white (or pass for white...), straight, middle class woman who grew up in the suburbs. if i had been born somewhere else would i still be the person i am? would i be so vocal if the stakes were raised? although these lines on the map called canada have been good to me i cant forget that this country is built on blood, on slaughter and on apartheid. so this canada day while you are all getting shitfaced, remember you're just celebrating lines on a map. maybe there is nothing wrong with that, im not really sure. if you think canada is the best country on earth then do something to help other countries get to our standard, if you think canada is the worst country on earth do something to fix things at home. i may legally be a citizen of canada but id rather be a citizen of a group mobilizing for change, to be the group that errases the lines on the map.

peace out from "the true north, strong and free"

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pictures from the hobby farm! [24 Jun 2007|11:14pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

many more behind the cutCollapse )


documentary overload [13 Jun 2007|10:53pm]
today i watched "an inconvient truth" and "who killed the electric car" yeah im a million years behind on my documentaries but im poor and they were on tv. (god bless TMN) AND im dying from my uterus so i was pretty much useless. ANYWAY i liked both. an inconvinent truth wasnt that shocking to me given my education and whatnot but it was good to have all that information displayed so suscintly (i cant spell) although i found their "solutions" at the end to be problematic but ive already touched on that in that big environmental rant i wrote a few months ago.

who killed the electic car was super interesting. i didnt really know anything about electric cars. i thought they had never made one that was really practical but they had. now im really sad because i want one and they dont exist anymore :(

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a revelation [12 Jun 2007|10:59pm]
so i realized something last night when i was lying in bed not sleeping. i realized that i had been deluding myself into believing i was somehow at the top of his list. that if the situation were diferent we'd be together. but i realized that not only am i not at the top of the list, i'm not even on it. it was then that i was bitchslapped by reality. i won't pretend i didn't cry, and that it still dosn't burn, but i think it's a good thing i finally figured it out. the task at hand is...how do i take him off the top of my list?


stuff [06 Jun 2007|10:11pm]
sorry i havnt been writing latley. i just havnt been in an internet sort of mood latley. anyway im having fun in hockley. it will be nice when mike (melissas brother) comes home in a few weeks and ill have someone else my age to hang out with.

i finally heard back from everdale i'll be volunteering there july 14th to sepember 1st. im equally parts terrified and excited. im slightly terrified because ill be camping the whole time, ive never really camped before! also its really long days and im not sure if im up to it physically but ive been going on 6km walk/jogs about 3 times a week. if i keep that up things should be ok. more than anything im terrified by the social aspect of it all. i want to make friends and not be the weird girl in the corner. ive come pretty far with my social anxiety and am doing a lot better so i think as long as i think positivly and actually make an effort to talk to people it will be ok. i am excited for the oppourtinity to work on a huge farm! im also looking at this as an oppourtinity to prove to myself that i can do anything i set my mind to. i have a million excuses why i shouldnt quit my job and work for free on a farm but hey, sometimes you have to do the unthinkable.

today we went to vaughn mills which is this huge ass mall. its funny how when im walking around with kade people look at me differently. you get these weird nods approval that say "good girl, you are fulfilling your destiny as a woman" its bizare. i also found it funny that out of the entire mall the store i spent the most money at, and was the most excited by, was the "pro bass shop" bahaha.

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my salvation lies in your love [27 May 2007|11:42pm]
im feeling this song right now: orange sky by alex murdoch

"When I am alone
When I’ve thrown off the weight of this crazy stone
When I've lost all care for the things I own
That's when I miss you,
that's when I miss you,
that's when I miss you
You are my home"


hopefully the rest of the relegious right will follow! [15 May 2007|07:22pm]

bye bye falwell, have fun in the big bathouse in the sky!!!!!


[14 May 2007|08:01pm]
it seems today every road leads to where you no longer are.

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it's not sexual if you say "good game" afterwards [13 May 2007|12:16am]
i <3 hockey.
i </3 overtime. 2 more wins and we're in the stanley cup finals!


thanksgiving [08 May 2007|07:38pm]
today i am grateful for:
-long tight hugs
-punk rock pinky swears
-the first blue jays of spring
-trees in bloom
-construction paper and glue sticks
-purchased train tickets
-being instrumental in other people's lives

i could do without:
-unwated advances
-early mornings/late nights

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its happening! [05 May 2007|04:59pm]
i just sent an email off to everdale asking to volunteer from the middle of july to the end of august. 6 weeks of camping and hard ass days on the farm. im so psyched. hopefully they have room for me.

today i ran a million errands trying to get some last minute things i need. i got a sleeping bag because as i remember melissas will be too little for me. shes letting me use her tent though which is awsome. i got a shitty one that was on sale for $9.99 at canadian tire. it will be good enough. i also went to the bank street value village and got a bunch of bandannas/hankies and a sweet nylon MEC bucket hat with a strap. it will serve me well and is less dorky looking than a straw hat. i also got some more sports bras because im not going to get my good bras all stinky. plus they are pokey. i also stocked up on all natural soap and toothpaste. im more or less set. i need some shorts and flip flops but thats about it.

to do still:
-call telus about reducing my cellphone plan
-call dentist about squeezing in one last cleaning while i still have coverage
-figure out if im taking the train/if my mom is driving me/when i am going to go
-find sunscreen/bug stuff/etc etc
-a million other things

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